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Thursday, April 16, 2009


This is so much fun to create!! Instructions are from Dawn Oldham article in the "Lasting Moments" magazine page 24.

1. Create a blank page. Leave the background locked for now.
2. Add an empty photo frame (click on the Photo Tab, then Add from the Frames section).
3. Make this photo frame the size of one tile in your mosaic by dragging the corner of the frame.
4. Right-click on the tile and choose Copy. Then right click and choose Paste over and over until you have what you need just for the top row.
5. Line them up roughly across the page with the spacing you want between the tiles.
6. Select all the tiles (CTL +A, or click on each tile while holding down the Shift key).
7. In the Layout Tab at the top of the screen choose the icon that will align them from the top (top row, fourth in).
8. Click on the icon that will space them evenly (second row, fourth in).
9. While they are all selected, click on the Group icon (Layout Tab).
10. Right-click, copy and paste until you have the number you need to complete your square tiles.
11. Select all rows of tiles (as per Step 6).
12. Use the Alignment tools again to make them even on the left edge (top row, first icon).
13. Choose the last choice on the bottom row of alignment tools to get the tiles evenly spaced vertically.
14. With all rows still highlighted, flatten them, using the Layout Tab at the top of the screen.
15. From your Photos Tab on the right, select a photo.
16. Right-click on the photo and choose Fill the Selected Element with This Photo.

For the Reflected Type refer to my post on December 2008.

To add the photos, choose the Photo Tab, then Add a new photo frame. Make the frame the size you want it to be. Drag your photo into the photo frame.

Photo Corners

Do you ever want a photo corner to match your page or photos? Well here is the answer for you. In the Digital Embellishments - Office Supplies Gold or Silver there is a photo corner. Drag the corner onto your page. Copy and paste it three more times. Rotate the other three to fit the photo corners. Now select each corner and choose the Tools Tab. You can use either the Gradient, Paper or Color to match your photo corners to your page.

You can also click on the one on my blog to make it go bigger. Then right click on the corner and save it to your computer. After you have saved the corner import it into your Scrapbooking Stuff.

Memory Manager 3.0

News Flash!!!!
Memory Manager 3.0 is being released May 1, 2009.  Check my website at Go to Digital Scrapbook at the bottom and on the next screen you can click Memory Manager.

Be the first to get your latestest update to this fantastic photo organizing program.

There are also some new digital fancy fonts check my site for prices.  A new Digital Office Embillishment kit with fun stuff. Here are pictures of each one.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ten Memories in Two Hours

Do you like a challenge? Here is one that we received at our Spring Forward meeting. Draw your hands on a piece of paper. For each finger write a word or two about these memories.
Left little finger: a story about the youngest person in your family or the shortest
Left ring finger: a love story you want to tell or at latest wedding, anniversary or engagement
Left middle finger: a story about the tallest person in your family
Left index finger: a highlight of your life or something you are proud of and want to point out
Left thumb: a hobby or activity you or a family member enjoys
Right thumb: a story about a special trip or place you love to go
Right index finger: a story about a favorite sports team or family member involved in a sport
Right middle finger: a community activity you or a family member are involved in or your view of the world at this time.
Right ring finger: a story of faith or perseverance
Right little finger: something small that had a big impact

If you do not like these memory joggers then you could create your own. You could check this site for other question ideas The object of this challenge is to create a memory book in 2 hours.

If you choose to do this challenge make sure in your book file name you include TNT. After you have uploaded your book and paid for it. Then email a copy of your invoice to Include your Order number, date and cost.

Come on all you scrapbookers, get your story written! You have until April 20, 2009 to upload your book. If you meet the challenge you will receive a FREE download!

I took on the challenge and loved working on my book and also the finished product only took 3 days to arrive at my door.