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Panstoria Artisan

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Panstoria Historian

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Capture Lifetimes (click image below)

Capture Lifetimes (click image below)
Link to print your books. Please use Cowens as your distributor code, so I receive credit.

Instructions for printing your book

Link to instructions on how to print your book with Capture Lifetimes.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Printing with Capture LifeTime!

These instructions are by Madelyn Brownell who has so wonderfully done all the leg work to find a great printer equal to CM book  Here are the instructions for you to print your books.  To Print a book.   To print a Calendar  When you set up your account with Capture LifeTimes please use Cowens as your Distributor Code.  Thank you!

Madelyn is a a very detailed person and so she has tried to write down everything she could think of in the directions.  Saving your books and calendars as images or files and learning to upload them is such a valuable skill.  Her wish is that you'd be willing to glance through the directions (written for SBC4/Artisan users) and learn how to upload and use her wonderful printing partners.  The quality is fabulous and she has worked VERY hard to have great pricing.

The Holiday Ordering Deadline for printing of all your books and calendars is: Saturday, December 14th.  To thank you for your loyalty, I'm having a 13% off 2013 Holiday Special for the printing of any size book...anything from a little mini book (3x4) to a full 12x12 Storybook.  (Enter holiday2013 at checkout). Click here to see my new digital center.  Click here to see the pricing and sizes (three categories).  The books are printed within 4 business days.  The digital center is in Murray, Utah.

If you have any questions or need help please email me at

Thank you for your support

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Printing our Books and Projects

We now have a great place to get our books and projects printed.  They are the best quality and very reasonably priced.  I have seen the books by this printer, they are stitched and not stapled.  They are the of the same quality that Creative Memories has printed for us.  Here is the link to the website to get your books printed and PLEASE use cowens when checking out so I will get credit and know who is ordering.  Website for printing books  There is a 13% discount for the Christmas 2013 season.  Get those gifts printed and into the hands of your family and friends.

You will have to save your pages as jpgs and upload them to the website to get the books printed.  If you need help please let me know and I will be more than happy to help you.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Good News from Panstoria

Good news from the Panstoria Print Shop! Many of you have been asking about a way to share books with your friends and family. Here's the word:
We have added a share feature to PPS. From the 'Add to Cart' or item details page, there is now a “Share this with Friends” icon on the right side.
When in the Shopping Cart view, click the preview image beside the item of interest. This will show the item detail page. From there, you can click the “Share this with Friends” icon on the right....
If the user has already uploaded the project, and the order is no longer in the shopping cart, do the following to get the order back into the cart view:
- Go to Order History under the My Account section
- Click on the reorder icon (the green circular arrow) for the order. This puts the order into the cart again and shows the shopping cart view. Follow previous instructions.
Hopefully we can make this a bit easier in the future, but this is a start.
So, make your books and share away!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Creative Memories digital content

Panstoria has released about 1,500 digital kits that were available on CM’s website.  These kits will only  be available to buy through March 2014.   So if there are kits that you want now is the time to buy them.  If you do plan to buy kits would you please use Internet Explorer and click this link.   Digital Kits  This way I would get credit. 

After clicking the digital kits link, look on the left side of the screen and select the type of kit you want to purchase. 

NOTE: When browsing the categories in the store for CM content, you will have to click on the lowest level category to see all the kits in that category. For example, if you want to see Predesigned Pages, you will have to select a particular size (e.g. 12x12) to see the available kits.

If you have any questions please email me at

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Panstoria Digital Content

Panstoria has digital kits, predesigned pages, frames, mats, alpha sets and calendar templates.  If you are considering buying anything from Panstoria would you please consider buying from my blog, so I get the credit.  Here is your link  Panstoria digital kits

They do have some really cute kits, notice the left side of the image all they have.  You can also click on the image to go to my site and purchase digital products.


Thank you so much for supporting my blog.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Panstoria Help Zone

If you have questions about Artisan or Historian here is a link for you you to get the help needed.  There is also a link for the users manual for Artisan. 

Panstoria Help Zone

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Buying Artisan and Historian from this Blog

If you like what you are finding on this blog, please consider buying Artisan and Historian from the links above.   This way I will receive credit for your purchases.

Elements to create pages in Artisan

Here are some elements you can use on your scrapbooking pages.  They are also the elements that are on the 5 new templates provided earlier.  Here is your link for the zipped file. 

Untitled 2

Converting PSD templates to Artisan templates

I have been asked how to convert PSD templates so they will work in Artisan and SBC.  So with a bit of work and research I have come up with a way you can convert the templates. 

There are two Word documents with instructions on how to accomplish this task. 

Video to teach about templates

Video to teach about templates  Click this link to download the file and be able to watch it full screen.

New Templates

It is the time to start posting new information and templates on this blog.  Please let me know if you have any questions or have problems downloading the file. 

Click on this link to download 5 New templates

Here is a sample of the new templates.  These are created in .page format so they will work in Artisan and SBC


Friday, September 27, 2013

Printing with Panstoria

Here is the link where you can print your project using Panstoria.

Purchasing new content for Artisan

If you are looking for new digital kits click here.  Panstoria will be selling digital kits soon, and there are some kits available right now on the website.

Panstoria and CM court approval

Come Monday October 1st our packages will work in Artisan that were purchased for SBC.  So excited that the courts have approved this and that Panstoria agreed to the change and to keep us all working on our projects.

We are THRILLED! Panstoria and Creative Memories have come to an agreement, and this has been approved by the court. You can see the information on the newsfeed of the welcome pages of SBC & MM for more details. This means that you will be able to open all your SBC projects in Artisan, and use ALL of your Creative Memories' SBC content in Artisan, making the transition seamless. This is the news we have been waiting for! When you open the updated version of Artisan, your projects, content, tags and categories will transfer automatically. To purchase Artisan click this link:  To Purchase Artisan click here

If you're currently using Storybook Creator and Memory Manager, you do not need to purchase Artisan or Historian, because Panstoria will continue the updates for these awesome programs for the next few months.  But if you have friends that want to get started or you are ready for the updated versions with Panstoria, then visit my brand new blog at

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Artisan by Panstoria

Are you wondering whether or not to invest in the Artisan software, because it is a lot like StoryBook Creator?  Well here is a video by about some tools that are NOT in Storybook.  Video Tidbit: Something Old, Something New 

The photo touch up features alone in Artisan are worth every penny of the upgrade.  I have also read that there will be some upgrades coming in 2014. 

I have purchased the Artisan software which can be installed on two computers and you hardly know the difference and the new tools are awesome.   I also have purchased Historian (Memory Manager) which can only be installed on one computer. 

We are still waiting on the courts to see if Panstoria will be able to unlock all our CM kits, which we hope to know soon.  If you have questions please email me at

Click on the links at the top of this blog to purchase your copy of the software.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Text Shapes in Storybook 4.0 or Artisan 4.0

Have you ever wanted to fill a shape with text, well you are in luck with Storybook 4.0 or Artisan 4.0.  Here is how!

1 - Make a text box and write your text.

2 - Select your text and go to the Format Text ribbon

3 - Select Text Shape

4 - Select your shape

5 - In the bottom right corner click on Select Shape and your text is now in your selected shape.

12x12 Bob & Cathie happenings - Page 047

Click on the photo to make it larger.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Please help the Pixies out!

Calling all p2P friends and fans - we need your input and your help! Please complete our survey and share this with your digi-scrapping friends! It may be a little harder to do the survey from a device other than a computer. There is a scroll bar to the right that you'll need to use to get to the next pages. If you have trouble viewing the survey from within the news post, try this link to go directly to it. Thanks! Jan

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Free Embellishments for Artisan

"Here is a free kit for all of the Artisan users out there. It won't be on the store, but you can share the link. It's the 'Shiny Objects' kit, complete with twelve shiny objects and one shiny (silver glitter) alpha set.  Enjoy, and feel free to share the link with your friends."

Monday, July 29, 2013

StoryBook and Memory Manager FAQ’s

Creative Memories has released a FAQ’s sheet about their software.  It answers questions you may have about the continued use of these programs. 

If you have any questions please contact me

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Artisan & Historian by Panstoria

I have been approved to be an affiliate for Panstoria, if you want the software please click on the banner above so I will get credit.  Thanks for following my blog.

So what are the differences between Storybook and Memory Manager, compared to Artisan and Historian?  Here are a couple of links that will help you answer those questions.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Printer Company Comparisons

Here is a comparison that I made of several different companies on how easy their software was to use, cost of the book and the quality of the finished product. 

Click here to download the Excel spreadsheet.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Creative Memories files Chapter 11

This is somewhat of a sad post.  In early spring of this year Creative Memories filed bankruptcy (Chapter 11) so they could restructure.  There have been lots of changes happening behind the scenes and different dates to remember.  

When Creative Memories, emerges as a new company in November it will have a different name and may not have the same products as we now know them.  They are simplifying their product line.  We have been told that in the future Storybook and Memory Manager will not be part of the new company. (sad face)

They are planning and working on an APP.  I do not plan to ever use an APP to scrapbook.   Having to be tied to an internet connection is not my idea of scrapbooking.  I have enjoyed the freedom and creativity of Storybook Creator and Memory Manager.  I plan to keep using these programs!   In moving forward with these two programs, please make sure you have all your important files backed up. 

Make sure you have the following backed up:

  1. Storybook projects
  2. Digital kits and their activations
  3. Your personal kits
  4. Any files you do not want to loose

Here are a couple of links for you to use for backing up your files.  4Shared has changed their download process and made it a little harder.  Click on Download under the file name, then click on FREE Download You should then be able to open the Word document.

StoryBook Creator

Memory Manager

As for dates to remember here is a list of important ones.


Please if you have digital products to order do so, as soon as possible, do not leave it till the last minute!

With all this news and the latest update, as of September 1, 2013 our consultant contracts will be cancelled and we will no longer be consultants or have a website.   If CM does not carry Storybook and Memory Manager into the new company, I will not be staying with the company.  Therefore, I will be free to start reposting all my templates I have made. 

The company who made Storybook Creator and Memory Manager have emerged with their own programs which are almost the same exact copy of CM’s.  They are called Panstoria Artisan and Historian.   Here is a link to their website  I have purchased their software and enjoy using it and we will have support!  They just announced July 25th that they are partnering with Utah Print Solutions who was the company that printed our books before CM printed in house.  I am excited for this partnership and have joined them as an affiliate and waiting for approval.  If you want to buy their software will you please buy from my link when I get approved.   It will be posted on this blog as soon as approval is given.

My plan is to still keep doing digital scrapbooking and sharing what I learn.  If you have any suggestions or input please let me know at

Happy Scrappin’