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Friday, July 26, 2013

Creative Memories files Chapter 11

This is somewhat of a sad post.  In early spring of this year Creative Memories filed bankruptcy (Chapter 11) so they could restructure.  There have been lots of changes happening behind the scenes and different dates to remember.  

When Creative Memories, emerges as a new company in November it will have a different name and may not have the same products as we now know them.  They are simplifying their product line.  We have been told that in the future Storybook and Memory Manager will not be part of the new company. (sad face)

They are planning and working on an APP.  I do not plan to ever use an APP to scrapbook.   Having to be tied to an internet connection is not my idea of scrapbooking.  I have enjoyed the freedom and creativity of Storybook Creator and Memory Manager.  I plan to keep using these programs!   In moving forward with these two programs, please make sure you have all your important files backed up. 

Make sure you have the following backed up:

  1. Storybook projects
  2. Digital kits and their activations
  3. Your personal kits
  4. Any files you do not want to loose

Here are a couple of links for you to use for backing up your files.  4Shared has changed their download process and made it a little harder.  Click on Download under the file name, then click on FREE Download You should then be able to open the Word document.

StoryBook Creator

Memory Manager

As for dates to remember here is a list of important ones.


Please if you have digital products to order do so, as soon as possible, do not leave it till the last minute!

With all this news and the latest update, as of September 1, 2013 our consultant contracts will be cancelled and we will no longer be consultants or have a website.   If CM does not carry Storybook and Memory Manager into the new company, I will not be staying with the company.  Therefore, I will be free to start reposting all my templates I have made. 

The company who made Storybook Creator and Memory Manager have emerged with their own programs which are almost the same exact copy of CM’s.  They are called Panstoria Artisan and Historian.   Here is a link to their website  I have purchased their software and enjoy using it and we will have support!  They just announced July 25th that they are partnering with Utah Print Solutions who was the company that printed our books before CM printed in house.  I am excited for this partnership and have joined them as an affiliate and waiting for approval.  If you want to buy their software will you please buy from my link when I get approved.   It will be posted on this blog as soon as approval is given.

My plan is to still keep doing digital scrapbooking and sharing what I learn.  If you have any suggestions or input please let me know at

Happy Scrappin’

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