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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Font Shapes

Font Shapes - Page 032

Have you purchased a few new fonts (some are shapes & not fonts) and can not find them?  That is because, you use them differently than the rest.  There are two at the present time that are Alpha Shapes and not the regular fonts.  They are Playful Digital Alpha Shapes and Formal Digital Alpha Shapes. To use these alpha shapes use the following instructions:

  • on the content ribbon click Shapes
  • Select Alpha shapes, and then the one you want to use (I created a folder in content manager for my Alpha Shapes), if you do not have them listed in a folder you will have to find them.
  • You will then letter by letter select the ones you need, using one of the following choices: 1) create this shape, 2) cut this shape out of a piece of paper, 3) apply this shape to text.

You will now be able to resize, move and apply filters to your font shapes. 

Have fun with these, as the possibilities are endless!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Tropical page

A big thank you to Brenda DeJong.  She has some really fun templates.  Here is her blog address, if you are interested if seeing what she has

Tropical-Brenda DeJong - Page 063

The other day, I thought it would be fun to turn the macro feature on, on my camera and shoot a bunch of flowers.  These are all in my yard this time of year.  Pansies are a favorite because of their beauty and different colors.  Lilacs are a favorite because of their fragrance and forget-me-knots remind me of you youth.  When I was a teenager I asked my Dad if I could plant some flowers, and he agreed.  However, over the years, he had a hard time getting rid of the forget-me-knots.  He use to say “how can I forget you Cathie, I can not get rid of those flowers, they are like weeds.” 

Have fun and happy scrappin’

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Template tidbit

templated tidbit - Page 035

What is a template or blueprint you may ask?  Well simply put, it is a predesigned page with shades of greys or blue.  You select the element, and choose "fill the item with" and choose your background and embellishments.  Then you drag your photos on and your pages are done quickly.

When you download a free template, save it to a file on your desktop.  I like to save them in my "exchange folder."  After you have downloaded the template open StoryBook if it is not already open. 

  • click on the home ribbon
  • click on import page
  • go to the folder, where you downloaded the template to
  • click on the template and then in the bottom right corner click on get pages

This will bring the pages in at the bottom of your project.  You will then need to left click on the page and drag it into the order you want the page to be.  If you have never made a folder on your desktop, right click on top of the desktop.  Choose "New" then "Folder"  At this point name your new folder, as it should be highlighted in blue, unless you hit the enter key.  In which case you would right click again on the folder and choose rename, then you can name the folder "Exchange Folder" 

Remember that your exchange folder is for things going into or out of the folder.  Example:  you download a template and bring it into Storybook, or you save your page and want to upload it to your favorite photo center for printing.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Little tidbits

White edges - Page 034

Would you like to get rid of the white edges some of our papers have?  Well there are three ways to accomplish this task.

  • 1st - in the Elements panel unlock the background. Then click on Order, next click on Make normal (not the background)  Then you will be able to stretch the paper to eliminate the white edge. 
  • 2nd - after your paper is on the page, right click and then choose flatten.  You will then be able to stretch the paper and eliminate the white edges.
  • 3rd - choose your paper and drag it to your page instead of choosing make the background and then stretch it to eliminate the white edges. 

Another thing I have been doing, so that the paper can be used as "fill this element" option, is to cut the paper with the rectangle cuter.  Next, right click on the paper and choose "Save as Content"  Save it in Your stuff as paper and you can name the paper at this point.  Now you will be able to use the papers without the white edges. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Cute as a Bug page

This page was made with the new Cute as a Bug digital kit.  This is such a fun kit for little boys. 

Cute as a bug - Page 026

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Celebration time page

It is time to celebrate the 100th follower of this blog.   This page is 12 x 12 size.

This page was built using our new Wishful Digital Kit.

Samples and play pages - Page 023

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Importance of sharing

About six months ago I had to opportunity to listen to Rhonda Anderson.  Wow, what a fantastic night it was, to listen to her and her story, of how Creative Memories got started.  If she were ever to come to Salt Lake City again, I would drop what I was doing and go and listen to her again.  She is one fantastic woman, and listening to her just inspires you to want to be and do better in recording those precious memories.  Here is a copy of a post by her from  I felt it was important enough to share here on my blog. 

Recently I received a letter from a Creative Memories Consultant. And, as I read, I was  filled with gratitude for the thousands of you who have felt called to share the Creative Memories Mission so effectively. Because of you, countless people’s lives have been touched by their pictures and stories.

More than that, Creative Memories Consultants inspire each other. Here is an excerpt from that letter: “As a CM Consultant, I have grown in many areas because of the people I have worked with. And I covet the relationships that were created. They have helped me to be more outgoing and a stronger person than what I was. But most of all, it's the special people that I would have never met if Creative Memories hadn’t brought us all together! And my albums are a forever treasure.”

Wow, what a lovely message that reminds us of the powerful relationship building that happens when you share Creative Memories. And there is such strong documentation that supports the power of relationship building through pictures and stories.

Here's some interesting information I learned from child psychologist, Dr. Ken Condrell. Dr. Condrell specializes in helping children recover from depression and trauma. He says, “ALL children, no matter if they have stress in their life or not, need to have strong self-esteem. And viewing family photo albums with children emphasizes what is right about a child’s life and shows children that the bad stuff is temporary. Pictures and stories offer proof of how they are loved. Everyone, no matter their age, needs photo albums to build their self-esteem and give them hope.”

I wish everyone in the world could have at least one album about their life. In fact, in our Ten Questions Idea book there is a chapter called “Life is Great.” The chapter includes questions about your great family, friends, faith and more. An album like this is easy to create, yet holds so much power to show love and encouragement to people of all ages.
Like Dr. Condrell confirms, pictures and stories unite us, strengthen relationships and help us to be more grateful. Completed albums are one of life’s most powerful tools and we need to help MORE people to experience that blessing. I am so grateful to be serving alongside amazing people like you –- Creative Memories Consultants and customers –- as we help the world see their GREAT LIVES captured in albums. 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What’s New in May and other tips

This webinar covers what is new products in May 2010.  Also covered in the webinar

  • how to sort your pictures in StoryBook
  • working with masks and overlays
  • cutter tools and shapes
  • photo touchups and understanding the histogram

Join this webinar and learn some fun tips and techniques.  What’s New in May and other tips