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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Font Shapes

Font Shapes - Page 032

Have you purchased a few new fonts (some are shapes & not fonts) and can not find them?  That is because, you use them differently than the rest.  There are two at the present time that are Alpha Shapes and not the regular fonts.  They are Playful Digital Alpha Shapes and Formal Digital Alpha Shapes. To use these alpha shapes use the following instructions:

  • on the content ribbon click Shapes
  • Select Alpha shapes, and then the one you want to use (I created a folder in content manager for my Alpha Shapes), if you do not have them listed in a folder you will have to find them.
  • You will then letter by letter select the ones you need, using one of the following choices: 1) create this shape, 2) cut this shape out of a piece of paper, 3) apply this shape to text.

You will now be able to resize, move and apply filters to your font shapes. 

Have fun with these, as the possibilities are endless!!


asda said...

Many a true word is spoken in jest.......................................................

mommylimited said...

I was thinking alpha fonts, not shapes, alpha shapes wouldn't work from the "fancy".....

Cathie Owens said...

Mommylimited, the Alpha shapes will not work in the Fancy font functions. You have to create this with the Shapes features. If you need help, email me at

mommylimited said...

Thanks Cathie, I think I understand it now, LOVE your blog!!