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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Double lucky templates today

A friend of mine, sent me these templates to see what I would do with them.  So here is my pages with her templates.  Thank you Becky for sending them to me, These have lots of possibilities.

Take time to - Page 002

Take time to - Page 004


Here are two page and if you need more room for journaling, add a picture to one of the photo boxes then fill it with color.  Then you can add a text box on top of the colored box.  Remember to click on the grey template photo to download your copies.

The papers used are from the new Reminisce Digital Power Palette

Eva Salway - Page 093

Ancestry page - Page 094

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Webinar August 12, 2010

Today’s webinar covered several areas:  Recorded webinar link

  • What is a Wallpaper:  In SBC you have an option when creating a new project to make a Wallpaper.  This is simply put, a desktop image or page you create to be your desktop.  Here is a sample of one created.


  • How to take a black & white photos and color parts of the photo:  This was covered in an earlier webinar but reviewed here.  The larger size of this handout is on earlier post to this blog.  This is what the page looks like.


  • How do I remember everything I have learned?
    • 1)  Make sure you practice what you learn
    • 2)  Teach someone else what you have learned
    • 3)  Keep a notebook of printed ideas you want to remember
    • 4)  Remember the resources for training.  Your consultants website - help zone, the ? anywhere in SBC or MM, and and the facebook groups. 

                      See - Hear/Read - Do - Teach

  • Do I keep a separate folder with all my downloaded packages or once they are installed, do I need to worry about it?
    • Yes, I save all my downloads to a folder called "Downloads"  After they are downloaded they get installed into SBC. 
  • Backup, Backup, Backup is the real key here. 
    • You do not want to have to redownload these files, as it takes time. 


  • How to delete SB projects (books): 
    • FIRST Go to the folder where your storybooks are located Find the book you want to delete and high light it
    • Right click and choose delete or just push the delete button
    • This is the path to my storybooks

                       J:\Creative Memories\StoryBooks

 Webinar Aug 12 - Page 010

  • Resizing projects (books) You have to know where your storybooks are located.  Remember you can only downsize.  The sizes that can be downsizes are 11 x 8.5 which go to 7 x 5 and 12 x 12 which will go to 8 x 8.  Follow the numbered steps below.
  • Make sure to check the new smaller size for text boxes or things going off the edges. 

 Webinar Aug 12 - Page 011

  • How do I share a storybook?
    • In SBC you have to go to the home ribbon and click on “Order"  Next screen click “order book”
    • Go through the preview process checking for any errors, things too close to the edges or center of the book.  When it gets to the end of your book in the preview there are 2 boxes to check, check them and click on “Continue”
    • You will now have to sign into the CM Photo Center and your book will upload.
    • After the upload follow the numbered instructions below.

Webinar Aug 12 - Page 013

 Browse feature of Storybook

    • This feature has been here all along but might have been overlooked.  When looking for a package to use, do you find your self looking one by one.  Well instead of looking this slow way use the “Browse packages” feature.  Find the package you want to use and then select click on Select.

Webinar Aug 12 - Page 012

Have a great day and happy scrappin’