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Monday, February 22, 2010

Copying a page to a different project

Have you created a page in one project and want it to be part of your calendar?  Or wanted to copy a calendar page and make it apart of one of your StoryBooks?  Well here is the answer for you.  This is an easy process and you can have 3 projects open at one time.  Just make sure that both projects are open and ready to copy and paste the pages either way. 

This webinar will teach you how to copy a page and paste it into another project.  Also covered in this webinar is Keywords and organizing your contents.  There are also many other useful tips.  Copying a page webinar link.

Happy Scrappin’

Copy & Paste Text

Here is a tip that will allow you to copy text from a word processor, the internet or any other program.  When you are doing your journaling you do not need to retype text that is already typed in a word processor. 

Copy and paste text - Page 068

You can copy text from a word processing program, from the internet or any program you have typed text in.  To accomplish this:

  • go to your word processing program
  • open the document
  • left click, hold and drag to highlight the desired text
  • right click on top of the highlighted text and choose copy
  • go to your StoryBook project where you want to paste the text
  • click on the insert ribbon
  • click the down arrow on text
  • choose "place clipboard text on page"adjust your text box to fit your text

Following these instructions will save you a few steps when copying text and pasting into a Storybook Project.

This page was created using the Simply Beautiful Digital Power Palette. 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Importing pages from other projects

importing pages - Page 005

To copy a project page to a calendar project.

  • open both projects (you can have 3 projects open at one time)
  • make sure that all elements are unlocked
  • on the project you want to copy the page from, left click, hold and drag from the upper left corner to the bottom right corner.  This will copy every element.  Do not copy the calendar area.
  • your screen would look like this one.
  • next you can right click and choose copy, or hold the CTRL key while pressing the C key.  This will copy every element.
  • go to your second project where you want to paste the page to.
  • right click on the new page and choose paste or hold the CTRL key while pressing the V key.  This will paste what you have copied from your project page, to the calendar page in your new project.

This feature lets you copy from a project (book) where you have created your pages for books or page prints and then will let you copy them to a calendar project.  Using this feature you are able to print page prints for $1.75, when you order a calendar.  Even if you do not use the calendar part of the calendar, your page prints are beautiful quality and at a cheaper price. 

Note:  This process can be reversed, if you have created a beautiful calendar page and you want to use that page in your book. 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Welcome Page of StoryBook


Just as a little reminder on the Welcome page of Storybook are some very helpful items.  At the top row there are the following choices:

  1. Create a new project
  2. Open an existing project
  3. Check for pricing and content (this takes you to the CM site for purchasing. Please make sure you use your Consultants website for purchases!)
  4. Manage my content (this is where you organize, import new packages, enter the activation codes and create keywords)
  5. Tutorials (here you will find two webinars and more tutorials online link)  The first choice is Virtual Tour, Second is Getting Started and then at the bottom left is the link for View more tutorials online.)  Everyone of these are very helpful and will teach you more about the programs. 
  6. User settings. (use this option to make your personal settings for the program)  You can also change the directory of where your content and packages are located if you have them stored on a different drive than the “C drive”
  7. Then there is the Blue ? – this is where you can search the help contents, User Guide,  Tutorials, User Settings and About (the program information and serial number)

At the bottom make sure you check for updates to the program.  This is in the bottom left corner and if your software is up to date it will tell you.

Happy Scrappin’

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Webinar fix

If you could see me now, I am so excited and just jumping out of my chair.  Kevin Klar of Creative Memories came to the rescue with the link that would fix our webinars.

If you have been one of the people that use Windows 7 and the webinars are not working and the error you get is “video codec error,” here is the fix.

Click this link G2M3 download, then click the “Install GotToMeeting Codec”  You will then be able to view every webinar on this website. 

A HUGE thank you to Kevin Klar!!!

Photos as backgrounds

Frangipani's - Page 063

This page was created in a about 10 minutes using the Simple Click and Fill pages 12 x 12 from Creative Memories.  I used one of the photos as the background, which gave this page just the look that was intended.  The font for the title is Edwardian Script and the text box is Andy.  The paper in the center is from the Vintage Digital Power Palette.  Happy Scrappin’