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Monday, February 22, 2010

Copy & Paste Text

Here is a tip that will allow you to copy text from a word processor, the internet or any other program.  When you are doing your journaling you do not need to retype text that is already typed in a word processor. 

Copy and paste text - Page 068

You can copy text from a word processing program, from the internet or any program you have typed text in.  To accomplish this:

  • go to your word processing program
  • open the document
  • left click, hold and drag to highlight the desired text
  • right click on top of the highlighted text and choose copy
  • go to your StoryBook project where you want to paste the text
  • click on the insert ribbon
  • click the down arrow on text
  • choose "place clipboard text on page"adjust your text box to fit your text

Following these instructions will save you a few steps when copying text and pasting into a Storybook Project.

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1 comment:

Gwen said...

COOL! I have been doing it the hard way! I had no idea this was an option. Thanks so much!!!!