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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hawaii Album and fun

What could be more fun than being offered a place to stay in Hawaii for free?  Yes my husband and I were offered a place to stay for up to two months if we could have got away for that long.  We were able to go to Oahu and learn about Pearl Harbor and soak in all the beauty this island has to offer. 

It has been ages since posting and so to start moving again I thought I would share my latest album.  The nice thing about Storybook Creator is that it can do everything you want to, simple and quick or fancy and take more time.  It is up to you.

Below is a sampling of a few pages, if you would like to view the whole book click on this link.

  12x12 Hawaii adventure - Page 001

12x12 Hawaii adventure - Page 01212x12 Hawaii adventure - Page 02412x12 Hawaii adventure - Page 05812x12 Hawaii adventure - Page 086

Hawaii 2012

And yes with the help of Storybook Creator you can make pages, send them to Memory Manager and then export to Windows Movie maker and make a movie like this one.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Memory Manager 4.0

I am so excited about the new version of Memory Manager 4.0 that is coming out, I could just shout from the roof tops.  There are so many great new additions including, facial recognition, spell check, one click touchup, share with Facebook or make a movie with Windows Movie Maker and a whole lot more.  Here are three links for you to watch and learn about the new software update. 

Either click on the picture or Youtube video to watch, if you want full screen make sure you click on the picture not the Youtube link.

If you are interested in ordering this before it is released on my website, email me at or call 801-856-7332




Monday, June 11, 2012

Favorites in Storybook 4.0

What are my favorite new things that SBC 4.0 can do, is often the question asked.  Well here you go with a my list of favorites.

On the home ribbon there is a Coordinate colors.  You can click on a picture and coordinate the papers and embellishments to your photos.  Here is an example, I had 6 samples to choose from. This expands the use of any paper or embellishments.



On the Insert ribbon is Shape (text), you can use any font you have installed on your computer to make page titles.  I LOVE this new feature.  Select your font type, color, line width and play with the compound style and dash styles for a different look.  Once your text is on your page hold the shift key down and resize it to fit your page, or you can right click and go to properties and change the size there.



On the format photos and format text ribbons there is a place you can sample a frame or text and paste it to any page in your book.  What a time saver this is to speed up our scrapbooking.

Another favorite thing for me to do is to double click on an embellishment, text or paper and use the touchup features.  You can erase, and paint things a different color (favorite) and smudge helps to erase things also.  Adjust your brush size and pressure to speed up the process. 


Did you also know that you can copy pictures from Memory Manager and paste them into SBC photos?  This is easy, you do not have to use the share feature, just copy and paste them by right clicking on a group of photos and then select copy.  Go to SBC and click the photos tab and paste the photos. 

Making your own shapes is also a lot easier in SBC 4.0.  Go to the Insert ribbon and select shape then curved or straight lines.


Instead of creating on this window, select “Save Shape in personal art kit”  Then you can use this shape for a text box if you would like for an added look to any page.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Making 3-D letters and number

Have you ever wanted to make 3-D pictures?  Well watch this video to learn how to make some that look like this.


Making 3-D letters and numbers

Double click on video to make it go full screen.

Here is a link to a previous post with instructions to the same feature.

12x12 2012 cropthon pages 4.0v - Page 088

This can be achieved in Word 2007 by:

· Insert > WordArt Select the style you want and type the font the largest it will go

· Click on the Shadow Effect and make the shadow black

· Click on 3-D effects and make the depth 36

· Click on the little arrow on 3-D there is a little image with a box in the middle and on each side there are arrows. Click the top one and do this several times until the number/letter is laying the direction you want

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Downtown digital kit

Using the Pixels2Pages challenge 96, Read between the lings and their instructions to create a Vignette, and used the new Downtown digital kit (released April 2012) to make this page. 

It was a lot of fun to follow their ideas and if you are not a member of the P2P site, you are really missing out on a lot of new ideas and fun. 

12x12 2012 cropthon pages 4.0v - Page 071

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April digital kits

Just wanted to share with you three of the new kits that Creative Memories has come out with April 1, 2012. 

This is the Butterfly kisses digital kit

12x12 2012 cropthon pages 4.0v - Page 067

This is Garden Blessings digital kit

12x12 2012 cropthon pages 4.0v - Page 069

This is Bunny hop digital kit and alpha set.

12x12 2012 cropthon pages 4.0v - Page 068

Here is a link to MY Creative Memories website so you can see what is new.   If you are not one of  my customers, please go to your consultants website.   There are a lot of new kits this month. 

Also new this month is the Universal Format for papers and embellishments.  This format can be used in Photoshop, and any other scrapbooking software's.   The file types are jpg and png.  When looking and purchasing the kits, please make sure you watch for the Universal Format so you purchase the correct kits.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring has arrived in Utah

On this week they challenged us to use a predesigned page, blueprint or a template you would not normally use.  Then we were to locate our favorite embellishments and make a border for our page.   Add a title and journaling.  

What I used:

  1. The Click and Fill IV page 12
  2. The background paper was from the Enchanted PP
  3. Embellishments are from the North American Road Trip CD

Here is what I started with and the finished page.



The photos are from my yard.  The apricot blossoms, crocus and daffodils.   Spring is my favorite season when everything is new and beautiful.

If you are not a member of the site, you are really missing out.  They have something new for you everyday.   There are videos, freebies, blueprints, challenges and a whole lot more.  If would like information contact your Creative Memories Independent Consultant for help and information.  I would be happy to answer any questions. 

Make these cute paper roses

Paper rose

Here are the instructions so you can make your own roses.   This website has so many ideas for making flowers, bows and more.

Link to make roses instructions 

Link to rose pattern to print and save

When I made my roses, I used the website pattern, took it into Storybook and flattened the image.  Then I used the magic wand and cut around the pattern, so I could fill it with Creative Memories papers.  The project size I used was 11x8.5 portrait and made the pattern fit the page.  Make sure you keep the original aspect ration.  So from what I learned from this website, here are my roses.   I am sure you could reduce the size of the pattern to make smaller roses.

2012-03-29 22.19.18

Have fun and happy cropping.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Frame it Up gave me the instructions for this page.  I love following them everyday and it is so worth the subscription.  So many great new ideas, blueprints and freebies. 

12x12 2012 cropthon pages 4.0v - Page 061

Challenge 93 - Frame it up by Cathie Owens
Spring digital kit
Microsoft Sans Serif 12
Algerian for Title

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Have you wondered where you can get great new ideas and training on Storybook Creator, Memory Manager, take better pictures and a whole lot more.   Well I am here to tell you that the Pixies have all the answers.  You have to check out and see all you can learn and do.  There is a free trial section, check it out.   If you purchase a subscription, you will get freebies every week that are fantastic.

Here are a couple of links to help you learn more about the website. 

Creative Memories blog Digital 411 What is a subscription?

Facebook group Pixels2Pages

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Happy cropping

Monday, February 27, 2012

I just love  They have a lot to teach you and challenge you.  Join in the fun and join the digi love.  I would never be without my subscription.  Check this out.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cutting tools in SBC 4.0

Come and learn how to use the cutting tools and touch up tools in Storybook Creator 4.0.  There are so many neat tools to use and ways you can use them.  Find an image on google or anywhere on the internet, scan a image and then touch it up.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at

If you want to save the image to use at a later date, make sure you right click and select save selection, then save to your personal art kits.  This is great for building your own embellishments.

Cutting tools in SBC 4.0

Double click on the image to view a larger version and in the bottom right corner you can make it go full screen.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Aspect Ratio in SBC 4.0

Have you wondered why in 4.0 every time you resize an element it gets distorted?  Well you can either right click on every element and lock the aspect ration.   OR you can hold your shift key down while resizing a picture, embellishment or paper and it will lock the element as you resize. 

Happy Cropping

Pixie Power

Thanks to, this pages was possible.  I loved how the background paper, the photo frame and embellishment all go together.  You to could have freebies like this if you joined

12x12 2012 cropthon pages 4.0v - Page 041

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Using Microsoft Word Art with SBC

12x12 2012 cropthon pages 4.0v - Page 035

Do you want to learn how to make this effect in Storybook Creator 4.0?  You have to use Microsoft Word to help get this effect.  Here are your instructions:

1. Go to the Insert tab in Word and click on WordArt

2. Select your WordArt style

3. Type your text

4. Click the down arrow by Text effects and select 3-D (off axis 1 top)

5. Click the down arrow by Text effects and go to the bottom of the menu and select 3-D rotation options

6. On the next menu select 3-D Format – play with the different options to get the effect you want.

7. When you get the effect you want, right click and copy

8. Go to SBC and right click and paste.

9. Use the magic wand and erase the white background. (it is easier if your background on the page is a dark color)

10. You may have to use other cutting tools to touch up the cut. You can also double click on the image and use the eraser to touch up the image.

11. Now you can select your image and cut around the person using the cutting tools.

12. Cut the persons legs horizontally and put the top part on top of the number and the legs under the number (in the elements panel)

13. This project takes some playing and experimenting to get it right, don’t get discouraged.


Hope these instructions make sense, I will be making a video in the near future on how to make this kind of a page.

Happy cropping