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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What’s New with StoryBook Creator Plus 3.0

Want to learn more about StoryBook Creator Plus and what is new with this update.  Join Brandi as she shows the differences and wonderful features.  This webinar is about 30 minutes long and can be viewed by clicking this link.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Checkerboard Challenge

12 x 12 Thanksgiving - Page 055

Here is a new challenge for you.  This was a fun page to create, took me all afternoon, but very rewarding. 

Happy Scrapping

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Text and Format Text ribbons

The insert ribbon has the ability to insert empty photo frames, text, text path, fancy text, embellishment, paper, shapes, lines, rubber stamp and calendars. 

The format ribbon is where you will format your text, copy text boxes, apply shapes to your text boxes and edit paths. 

Join us in this webinar that will show and explain more of the things you can do with these features.  This webinar is about 30 minutes long and taught by Cathie Owens.  To view this webinar click on this link.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Creating "live" or "workable" templates

Live Template Instruction Page

Saving a Page as a “Live” or “Workable” Template

Have you created a page that you love and would like to send to someone so they could make the page, too??? You can do this. We call them "live" templates or "workable" templates. All you have to do is open a project (any size you prefer) and create your page (make sure that this template is the ONLY page in this project). It is easier if you remove the actual paper and just use shades of gray. When you have finished your template, browse to where your project is saved on your computer. Open the project and you will see only one file with a .page extension. That is your "live" template!! Copy and paste that document to your desktop - this is where you can name it whatever is logical to you but leaving the .page extension. By copying and pasting to your desktop, you will not disturb your storybook. NOW, you are ready to send to your friend! Just open your email and attach this file and your friends will be able to open it IN Storybook Creator 3.0 and not have to recreate the wheel and make the exact same page!! This is a tremendous time saver!

What to do when your friend receives your "live template"

First, save the page to your desktop. Be sure to tell your friend what size the project is. They will now need to open Storybook Creator 3.0 and open a project in that size (such as 12x12 or 8x8 or whatever). While they have the project open, they will need to go to the home ribbon at the top of the page and click on "import page" over to the far right of the ribbon. A box will open to allow them to browse to where they saved the page. They should now see the page. They should then select the page and click on get page. The page will pop into the project and they can now customize and personalize as they wish!! Voila, you have successfully sent a live template and your friend now has the same document!! Hooray!!

Click on Home Ribbon, click on import page, browse to saved page, select, click on get page, page will pop into your project - ready for you to customize.

Thanks to my new Digital Diva friend Sue for creating this page.   Facebook is wonderful for making new friends and learning from each other.  Thanks again Sue Thoenes for helping all us digital diva’s.  You are Great!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Template request


This is a sample of template request, by a blog reader.  I tried and tried to create a reusable temple and could not create the file, so you could bring it is as a page.  I called CM to see if this was a function and was told, not at this point.  So send in the requests to have the function added. 

12 x 12 Prince Chaming - Page 056

Here is the page I created, using the above template as a guide.  I used the geometric rectangle shape and made the desired shapes.  Then added a photo box and then had fun dressing up the page.

To make a template that you could use over again, here is a work around method:

  • create a new project that you can make blank pages without papers, colors etc.  Just create the empty shapes and photo boxes.
  • you can add overlays if you want to a page
  • save the template project
  • then in a regular project (these must be the same size as your template project) choose the home ribbon
  • select import page
  • find the template page you created, in your template project and click get pages
  • then add your paper, embellishments and photos

Happy Creating with StoryBook Creator Plus 3.0

Creative Memories Blog has posted some instructions and examples of how to complete this procedure.  Click HERE to go to the blog

A challenge

12 x 12 Challenge - Page 049

Mom of J & J, a blog follower challenged me to create this page.  I used the cutting tools to make the strips from several different papers.  Then used the Classic Autumn additions to dress up the page.  The fall pictures is my front yard.  Sure was fun to create.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Creating a Calendar

12 x 12 Calendar - Page 014

Using the Insert Ribbon

  • choose Calendar under the other group
  • a box will appear similar to a text box
  • drag the corners to make the calendar the size you want

To edit your calendar

  • right click on your mouse on top of the calendar, the top section of the menu are all the different changes you can make to a calendar
  • Edit calendar cells - lets you enter events
  • Change the month - lets you change fonts, months, style and locations
  • Use a different calendar style - lets you choose from six different styles
  • Make default calendar style - lets you select the style you like the most
  • Sample calendar style - lets you sample the current calendar and paste it to another page to make a new month
  • Properties - also lets you make changes to your calendar

There are a lot of different choices and functions to creating your own calendar.  Have fun and enjoy making your own calendars.  When the month is over place the page in your albums. 

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where are my photo edges from SBC 2.0?

12 x 12 Edges - Page 013

To use the photo edges in SBC 3.0, click on your photo

  • go to Format Photos ribbon
  • in the Frames group click on Select
  • there is a down arrow where you can select cutouts, edges or frames
  • make your selection and you are done

Wow, there are so many things you can do in SBC 3.0, and what a GREAT program to use!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Text Path Properties

12 x 12 Text path properties - Page 038

The other day as I watched a webinar, the person giving the instructions, said "when you do a text path, to make sure you select "repeat text" as there was not a way to change it later." 

Well I smiled to myself and said "Oh, yes there is."  Here is how:

  • after you have created your text path,
  • right click on your text path
  • choose Properties (at the bottom of the menu)
  • the Element properties menu will open
  • you then CAN choose Text Path (on the left) and then check the Repeat Text. 

SMILE - there is always something new to learn!  You got to love StoryBook 3.0  

Thursday, October 1, 2009

StoryBook 3.0 latest update

Wow, have I ever been in the clouds with excitement today!  Creative Memories just updated and fixed a few things in our StoryBook 3.0.  Like the CTRL A, feature that I missed terribly, it is back!  Some of the other fixes are: enhanced content manager, two page spread 100% view to show both pages, Facebook upload problems fixed and more.  When you update your program it will give you a list of the fixes and the additions.
Newest feature is the Calendar.  It is on the insert ribbon by the rubber stamp.  There are a lot of features for the calendars, so make sure you have tons of fun with this feature.  Right click on the calendar to get the menu to edit and change how the calendar looks.
Here is a calendar that I made after updating this morning.  I used the Classic Autumn Addition package, along with 3D to the center text, oh and I used the glow feature also .  This is going to be a real addition to our SBC 3.0.  As you can see you can add text and photos to each cell.
12 x 12 Calendar 2 - Page 037
And no I am not out of the clouds yet, this is so exciting to have these updates.