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Monday, October 19, 2009

Creating a Calendar

12 x 12 Calendar - Page 014

Using the Insert Ribbon

  • choose Calendar under the other group
  • a box will appear similar to a text box
  • drag the corners to make the calendar the size you want

To edit your calendar

  • right click on your mouse on top of the calendar, the top section of the menu are all the different changes you can make to a calendar
  • Edit calendar cells - lets you enter events
  • Change the month - lets you change fonts, months, style and locations
  • Use a different calendar style - lets you choose from six different styles
  • Make default calendar style - lets you select the style you like the most
  • Sample calendar style - lets you sample the current calendar and paste it to another page to make a new month
  • Properties - also lets you make changes to your calendar

There are a lot of different choices and functions to creating your own calendar.  Have fun and enjoy making your own calendars.  When the month is over place the page in your albums. 


Mom to J & J said...

Another feature I didn't know about - thanks!

Cathie Owens said...

glad I could teach you something new!

DreamaScrappin said...

I do not show the insert Calendar Option hmmm

Cathie Owens said...

You have to have StoryBook Creator Plus 3.0. and then if you do not see the calendar, make sure the software is up to date. Click the home ribbon and at the end is where the calendar is.