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Thursday, October 1, 2009

StoryBook 3.0 latest update

Wow, have I ever been in the clouds with excitement today!  Creative Memories just updated and fixed a few things in our StoryBook 3.0.  Like the CTRL A, feature that I missed terribly, it is back!  Some of the other fixes are: enhanced content manager, two page spread 100% view to show both pages, Facebook upload problems fixed and more.  When you update your program it will give you a list of the fixes and the additions.
Newest feature is the Calendar.  It is on the insert ribbon by the rubber stamp.  There are a lot of features for the calendars, so make sure you have tons of fun with this feature.  Right click on the calendar to get the menu to edit and change how the calendar looks.
Here is a calendar that I made after updating this morning.  I used the Classic Autumn Addition package, along with 3D to the center text, oh and I used the glow feature also .  This is going to be a real addition to our SBC 3.0.  As you can see you can add text and photos to each cell.
12 x 12 Calendar 2 - Page 037
And no I am not out of the clouds yet, this is so exciting to have these updates. 


Laurie Callison's Visual Vocabulary said...

Cathie, I agree! This is so exciting!! I love your calendar page. You are so inspiring! Thank you, Laurie

Cindy H. said...


Randi Ann said...

I have a question...I have upgraded my software, but I am not seeing the "Calendar stamp" Is this a 12x12 paper or the new 12x18 calendar? I would like to do a 12x12 calendar for my refrigerator. Any tips would be great. Thanks

Cathie Owens said...

Randi Ann,
This calendar can be made to any size. If you want a 12 x 12, start with that size of project. then click on the Insert ribbon. Look at the end in the Other group and the calendar is there. When you click calendar it brings up a box like a text box. Resize to the size you want and click create. To change any of the date cells right click and choose Edit calendar cells.

You can email me at if this does not help.