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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Photo panels

I love it when my customers teach me new techniques, that I did not know we could do.  There is always something new to learn when you are working with SBC & sbcStudio, and computers.  My philosophy for life is “If you have not learned something new each day, you have not lived your day to the fullest.”   

Well here is what I learned.  Did you know that CM has added photo panels to our options when we make a new project?  Well I did not realize they were there and always created my page and then went to the CM Photo Center to upload my page to create the panel.  DUHH!! I can make the panels right in StoryBook Creator. 

You can also make the 4XD Book Cards within SBC. 

So to make your panels within SBC create a new project the panel size you would like to create.  The when you are done creating, on the home ribbon click Order.  This will take you to the CM photo center and you can place your order.  Now how SIMPLE was that!!!

Thanks Bonnie for sharing this idea and technique with me.

12x12 Gamoo visit April 2011 - Page 047

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

4XD Book Card & Metal Panels

Just wanted to share with you what the 4XD book cards and Metal Panels look like. 

The photo books are small enough to put in your purse and carry with you as a brag book.  They come with their own envelopes.  Here is a link to the page my CM website for the 4XD book.  Please order these from your consultants webpage. 


The photo panels you can make on the CM digital center or within StoryBook and then upload your page.  Here is a link to my CM website for the metal photo panels  Please order these from your consultants webpage.


And now for my little video showing off the 4XD book card and metal panel.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Templates and my blog

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am no longer able to share the templates that I make or any other freebies with you, due to the consultant agreement with CM.

As you know, I love to teach StoryBook, sbcStudio and  Memory Manager to help you learn the wonderful things you can do to get your photos into your lives.  I am still here to answer your questions and love to hear from my viewes.  My email is  I am more than willing to help anyone with questions you may have about the software.

There is a webinar that teaches you how to make your own template and it is called How to make a template (click on link).  I will still be able to provide instruction pages and webinars.  It is really easy to make the templates so give it a try.

Want to search this blog?   There is a search feature on this blog on the right side.  When you type in a word, phrase or webinar title, it will bring up the choices for you and you can then click the link and be taken directly to that topic.

Cathie Owens 

Photo boxes and Mats

Have you ever wanted to use the photo mats for other elements on your page but they are two small or you want to zoom in on them?  Thanks to Madelyn Brownell for showing me this technique.  Now I will be using the photo mats in my kits a whole lot more. 

Here is the link to watch this 2 1/2 minute webinars. or click on the image to start the video.

If you would like to download and save this video to your computer, so you can use Windows Media Player, here is a link

Happy Easter

This page was inspired by Shelley Alexander of Australia.  She posted this page on and I loved it so much that scrap lifted the page.

These pictures were taken when I went to visit the grandkids and kids this April.  I had such an enjoyable time and the kids loved me too.  Oh the life of a Gamoo it is GREAT!!!    We went to Meyer Gardens, Mc Donalds, played pillow fights, cooked and did scrapbooking projects. 

The paper and embellishments are from the Garden Tranquility Digital Kit.