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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Easter

This page was inspired by Shelley Alexander of Australia.  She posted this page on and I loved it so much that scrap lifted the page.

These pictures were taken when I went to visit the grandkids and kids this April.  I had such an enjoyable time and the kids loved me too.  Oh the life of a Gamoo it is GREAT!!!    We went to Meyer Gardens, Mc Donalds, played pillow fights, cooked and did scrapbooking projects. 

The paper and embellishments are from the Garden Tranquility Digital Kit.



Christy said...

Hi Cathie- glad you enjoyed the GK's. Thanks for the template. ;)

Cori said...

Thanks for the great template!

Gayle Hampton said...

Hi Cathie, great template and I love CM I look forward to reading your blog to see if I can learn something I don't know yet. Thanks!

denise said...

Thank you! FYI-the link on the template itself in the email is broken. (SBC+)

Cathie Owens said...

Denise, Can you tell me wich email the link was broken? I checked the blog and it downloaed correctly. Did I email you a link and that did not work?
Thank you

nmclarke1949 said...

I'm totally confused by how to save templates to my computer. Can anybody help me?

Nancy said...

Can anybody tell me (slowly like you're talking to a kid) how to save these templates to my computer?

Cathie Owens said...

Nancy, to save the templates found on this blog. Click on the grey image, then a window opens up and you can choose Open, Save or Cancel. Select Save. In the next box that opens up, you select where you want to save the template. (I have a folder on my desktop called Templates) After you have selected where to save, then in the bottom right corner click on Save.
Next you will open a StoryBook project that is 12x12 size. On the home ribbon, select Import Page. When the window opens up, select the folder where you downloaded the template to, click on the template and at the bottom click Get Pages. Now this will bring the page at the bottom of all your other pages, you just need to left click on the page and drag it to the correct position.
If you have other questions you can email me at