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Friday, June 25, 2010


The other day my husband took me for a ride so we could take pictures of the sunsets over Salt Lake City.  The view was beautiful that night and so were the colors.  Enjoy your new template! 

The center shape has the opacity turned down to about 50%, used one of the photos as the background and sampled the sunset for the text.  The embellishment is one of the freebies from the P2P website, with the glitter added, 3-D filter and heavy shadow.


New Webinars

Well it is about time, there were more lunchtime webinars posted to this blog.  Sorry for being so slow getting around to posting them, sometimes life gets in the way of things we most want to do.  So lets play a little catch up here!  Remember the files are large and take time to download, so be patient.

Edges, Corners, Alpha Shapes and more by Cathie Owens

Lunch time webinar by Madelyn Brownell – May 13, 2010   covering click and fill pages, MM star ratings, calendars & more

Lunch time webinar by Madelyn Brownell – March 19, 2010  covering content manager, keywords and more

Remember there are a lot more webinars on the right side of this blog under the category “Webinars to learn Storybook & Memory Manager”

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Have you checked out yet?  If you have not, you are sure missing out on a lot of great helps, ideas, webinars and blueprints!  These ladies are FANTASTIC, in the ideas they have taught us.  This site has been in a beta test for 3 months and that time will be up July 15th.  Come on everyone get on over there and check out what is going on.  What are you waiting for?   Please give these Great Ladies your feedback, CM is waiting to hear how it has helped you.

I have a friend Bonnie, that said she copies the pages into Memory Manager and then writes the instructions so she can remember how to make the pages at a later date.  What a GREAT idea Bonnie!  So everyone get on over there and create all the pages, save them in Memory Manager and write the instructions too.  As for me, I burn the trees and print, print, print everything.  So now I have a binder 2” thick.  Bonnie, is saving the trees.

It sure is fun the different ideas we can learn from each other.  You ladies are all so much fun, and I love hearing from all of you. 

Here is a sample of the latest blueprint on the website.  There is no link for this file, you have to visit the site to get the blueprint.


Happy Scrappin’