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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Template request


This is a sample of template request, by a blog reader.  I tried and tried to create a reusable temple and could not create the file, so you could bring it is as a page.  I called CM to see if this was a function and was told, not at this point.  So send in the requests to have the function added. 

12 x 12 Prince Chaming - Page 056

Here is the page I created, using the above template as a guide.  I used the geometric rectangle shape and made the desired shapes.  Then added a photo box and then had fun dressing up the page.

To make a template that you could use over again, here is a work around method:

  • create a new project that you can make blank pages without papers, colors etc.  Just create the empty shapes and photo boxes.
  • you can add overlays if you want to a page
  • save the template project
  • then in a regular project (these must be the same size as your template project) choose the home ribbon
  • select import page
  • find the template page you created, in your template project and click get pages
  • then add your paper, embellishments and photos

Happy Creating with StoryBook Creator Plus 3.0

Creative Memories Blog has posted some instructions and examples of how to complete this procedure.  Click HERE to go to the blog


Mom to J & J said...

One idea is to save each layer as a "content" and bring them in that way. I use templates that way all the time. The ones I use come in with the parts of the template in the correct place on the page. You can then fill in the boxes and such with paper fill. You need to replace the template's photo boxes with CM's photo box but other than that they work like a charm.

Cathie Owens said...

Thanks for the ideas, you really have some great ones.