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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hawaii Album and fun

What could be more fun than being offered a place to stay in Hawaii for free?  Yes my husband and I were offered a place to stay for up to two months if we could have got away for that long.  We were able to go to Oahu and learn about Pearl Harbor and soak in all the beauty this island has to offer. 

It has been ages since posting and so to start moving again I thought I would share my latest album.  The nice thing about Storybook Creator is that it can do everything you want to, simple and quick or fancy and take more time.  It is up to you.

Below is a sampling of a few pages, if you would like to view the whole book click on this link.

  12x12 Hawaii adventure - Page 001

12x12 Hawaii adventure - Page 01212x12 Hawaii adventure - Page 02412x12 Hawaii adventure - Page 05812x12 Hawaii adventure - Page 086

Hawaii 2012

And yes with the help of Storybook Creator you can make pages, send them to Memory Manager and then export to Windows Movie maker and make a movie like this one.


Joan said...

I lived in Hawaii for 30+ years and it was such a treat to relive some of that scenery. What a beautiful memory of your trip.

Lynnette said...

Cathie, I just discovered your AWESOME blog. I am working in StoryBook 4.0. I cannot figure out how to set a default font when I create my own text boxes. Any ideas?

Cathie Owens said...

Lynette, if you will click on the ? in the upper right corner in SBC you will be able to edit your font as default.