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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Template tidbit

templated tidbit - Page 035

What is a template or blueprint you may ask?  Well simply put, it is a predesigned page with shades of greys or blue.  You select the element, and choose "fill the item with" and choose your background and embellishments.  Then you drag your photos on and your pages are done quickly.

When you download a free template, save it to a file on your desktop.  I like to save them in my "exchange folder."  After you have downloaded the template open StoryBook if it is not already open. 

  • click on the home ribbon
  • click on import page
  • go to the folder, where you downloaded the template to
  • click on the template and then in the bottom right corner click on get pages

This will bring the pages in at the bottom of your project.  You will then need to left click on the page and drag it into the order you want the page to be.  If you have never made a folder on your desktop, right click on top of the desktop.  Choose "New" then "Folder"  At this point name your new folder, as it should be highlighted in blue, unless you hit the enter key.  In which case you would right click again on the folder and choose rename, then you can name the folder "Exchange Folder" 

Remember that your exchange folder is for things going into or out of the folder.  Example:  you download a template and bring it into Storybook, or you save your page and want to upload it to your favorite photo center for printing.

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