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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Importance of sharing

About six months ago I had to opportunity to listen to Rhonda Anderson.  Wow, what a fantastic night it was, to listen to her and her story, of how Creative Memories got started.  If she were ever to come to Salt Lake City again, I would drop what I was doing and go and listen to her again.  She is one fantastic woman, and listening to her just inspires you to want to be and do better in recording those precious memories.  Here is a copy of a post by her from  I felt it was important enough to share here on my blog. 

Recently I received a letter from a Creative Memories Consultant. And, as I read, I was  filled with gratitude for the thousands of you who have felt called to share the Creative Memories Mission so effectively. Because of you, countless people’s lives have been touched by their pictures and stories.

More than that, Creative Memories Consultants inspire each other. Here is an excerpt from that letter: “As a CM Consultant, I have grown in many areas because of the people I have worked with. And I covet the relationships that were created. They have helped me to be more outgoing and a stronger person than what I was. But most of all, it's the special people that I would have never met if Creative Memories hadn’t brought us all together! And my albums are a forever treasure.”

Wow, what a lovely message that reminds us of the powerful relationship building that happens when you share Creative Memories. And there is such strong documentation that supports the power of relationship building through pictures and stories.

Here's some interesting information I learned from child psychologist, Dr. Ken Condrell. Dr. Condrell specializes in helping children recover from depression and trauma. He says, “ALL children, no matter if they have stress in their life or not, need to have strong self-esteem. And viewing family photo albums with children emphasizes what is right about a child’s life and shows children that the bad stuff is temporary. Pictures and stories offer proof of how they are loved. Everyone, no matter their age, needs photo albums to build their self-esteem and give them hope.”

I wish everyone in the world could have at least one album about their life. In fact, in our Ten Questions Idea book there is a chapter called “Life is Great.” The chapter includes questions about your great family, friends, faith and more. An album like this is easy to create, yet holds so much power to show love and encouragement to people of all ages.
Like Dr. Condrell confirms, pictures and stories unite us, strengthen relationships and help us to be more grateful. Completed albums are one of life’s most powerful tools and we need to help MORE people to experience that blessing. I am so grateful to be serving alongside amazing people like you –- Creative Memories Consultants and customers –- as we help the world see their GREAT LIVES captured in albums. 

1 comment:

Kelley said...

I LOVE what Dr. Condrell said!! Thanks for sharing! :)