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Monday, February 16, 2009

Importing packages and elements

You will have to download the new content from your Consultants website, to your computer. Keep track of where you save the file on your computer. From the home page select CM content. Select Import Package. After the package is installed, you will need to click on "Enter Activation Code" and enter the code that was in the email you received when you purchased the package.Some packages that you install will not show up until you restart the program.
You can download pictures from images. I right click on the image and choose copy. Then go to my StoryBook Creator page and right click, then left click on Paste. Your image is then placed on your SB+ page.Once you have used the StoryBook Tools, to take away any unwanted background. Then right click on the image and select "Save Selection" You will then need to go to where you save your Creative Memories files on your hard drive. Then go to "My ScrapBooking Stuff" find the folder you want to save the image to. Make sure you save the image to a "Scrap" folder that has already been created. Note: you have to have already created the folder from the home page on "My Stuff" If you do not have a folder you will have to choose File then "Add Collection"
From this screen you can also change the directory where you have your packages stored. Click on Change location at the top.

1 comment:

Lorrie said...

I am a newbie to SB+. (very newbie). I was playing around with the templates.. and somehow in dragging and dropping the photos I moved the entire photo bar to the bottom of my screen below my layout workspace. How do I move it back? I can't seem to drag it over where the paper and embellishments are (where it was to begin with)... can you help? Please e-mail me at if you can. Thank you so much. PS I LOVE your stuff!