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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Creating new packages, folders and shapes

Here are some instructions on how to create new folders and packages in the Content Manager of StoryBook Creator.  Also there are instructions on how to create your own new shapes, using any image.  Click on the page to make it go larger and open a new window.

Content and Shapes - Page 020

Content packages, folders & shapes - Page 019

Text from content packages page

You have to be in Content Manager to create new folder or package

1.  click the + sign

2.  click on Create user content package

3.  enter the new Package name

4.  choose the drop down arrow and choose the folder you want to place the new package in, such as My Stuff.

Text from creating shape page

Start with your shape picture.  If you do not have one use google and search for a photo that has a shape you want to create.  For this example, I went to google and searched for pictures of flowers.  When you find the picture you want right click on the photo and choose Copy.

1. back in Storybook right click and choose paste and your picture is now on your page

2.  click on your picture to make it active

3.  click on the insert ribbon

4.  click the down arrow under Shape

5.  click on Custom shape using curved lines

6.  click around the desired shape you want to create, in the bottom left corner is Edit Points, if you need to change any points

7.  when you are satisfied with your shape outline, click Save this shape as content, select the correct folder to save your shape in

8.  on the Custom Shape window now click close

To use your shape

9.  You must first create a text box and write your text, then with the text box selected go to the format text ribbon

10.  choose Text shape and click the down arrow

11. go to the folder where you saved the new shape and select it


Natacha said...

thanks for the great info!!! i was just curious... can i just add a shape to the folder without "tracing" it??

Cathie Owens said...

Natacha, You can add any shape you want if it is already a shape. However if you want to create any new shapes you will have to first trace around it and then you can save the shape.

Glad the information was helpful for you.

kccoake said...

Thanks for your info. I am using the PC version. I knew I had seen how to make my own shape prior, but couldn't remember. Thanks for putting this out there!