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Friday, November 26, 2010


As everyone is getting ready for the Christmas season and shopping all the shops.  This page was made using the Reminisce Christmas kit.  The word art is from the Jewel Christmas Digital kit.



Christy said...

What a fantastic multi photo page- thank you. :)

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this item...

hsmema said...

Thank you.

Jody said...

Very nice template, unfortunately can't be opened in PS or PSE. Not sure what opens files

Cathie Owens said...

Jody, these templates are designed to be used with Storybook Creator Plus a Creative Memories product. If you are interested is the software and would like to purchase it, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. My email is

Lori said...

Thank you! =)

Jody said...

Yes, Cathie I do understand. Creative Memories now has a Mac version sbcStudio and it does not open these .page files either! Very annoying :(

Cathie Owens said...

Jody, Yes Creative Memories does have a Mac version called sbcStudio. To my understanding it will not open the .page files either. I am told that we can create templates and share them for the Mac. I do have a Mac and when I get up and running and learn how to do the templates I will be sharing those also and probably create a lot of my .page files to the Mac version. So watch the blog if you are intersted

Denise said...

Can't wait to see more templates around the web! I hope people will start mentioning which the templates are for SBC+ or sbcStudio.

For instance, I wasn't sure about this one, until I read the comments.

And can't wait to see your tips and help with sbcStudio as the tips for the SBC+ truly helped me.

Cathie Owens said...

From now on when I post templates they will be listed as PC or Mac.