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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Create your own page

Here is a technique to try out with your Storybook Creator plus.  This YouTube will teach you how to make this page.  Remember that if it does not look like you want to, try a different picture or font.  I had a sunset picture that I thought would look super great.  Only it did not look good at all.  12x12 My Picture a day for 2011 - Page 069

This is the version for Storybook Creator Plus for the PC

This version is for sbcStudio for the Mac  click on link


Anonymous said...

Great Job Cathie, it is always fun looking at and reading the things you do. You are a great help and keep me interested in CM.
Thanks as Always Bon

Amy said...

This is a really cool page! The YouTube video is a great idea, but I'm wondering if you could do it using SBCStudio for the Mac? The PC version you use for the video is different than the Mac version of the software and I'm afraid the effect of filling in words with a picture isn't quite so easy with a Mac. I'd love to learn how to do it, though!

Thanks so much for all you do :)

Cathie Owens said...

Amy thank you for your comments and questions about doing this technique on the Mac. I am in the process of making a video for the Mac and it will more than likely be posted on youtube. I am not sure if I post it here it will work. But will keep you posted here. Thank you for following my blog.

Cathie Owens said...

Amy, I have posted the link to the youtube video on how to make a page using sbcStudio. Here is a link also