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Friday, January 21, 2011

Scanning photos

Do you have a lot of photos sitting around, that need to be scanned?  Well, do I have an answer for you.  I was told about this scanner from a friend, and she said it was fast and had good quality.  So I went and checked for myself.  This Pandigital PANSCN06 personal scanner scans at 300 & 600 dpi (dots per inch).  Now every time I scan a photo it is usually at 300 dpi’s unless I want to enlarge a small photo to make it bigger then I use 600 dpi’s. 

With this scanner I was able to scan 500 photos in 1 1/2 hours.  Now can you beat that with a flatbed scanner?  I don’t think so!

If you are interested, do a google search for Pandigital PANSCN06 (model number).  And check it out for yourself.  These are the prices I found in my search. price $99.84 $99.84 $99.00

Best Buy $119.99

Pandigital PANSCN06 personal Photo Scanner/ Conver Document Scanner

Easily scan photos up to 8.5x11 Scan directly to SD card and comes with five in one reader that reads SD/MS/MSPRO/MMC/XD. No PC needed. Resolution of 600dpi. Simple transfer to your digital photo frame or PC.


C said...

Love, Love, LOVE this scanner! I scanned my vacation mementos (maps, tickets, etc) and was able to throw them away without guilt! So freeing!

Donna Penn said...

I just inherited tons of pictures from my late mother-in-law. I've been sorting for weeks and just purchased this scanner. It should be here any day now.

Peter said...

Oh my GOSH! I read this and then did about 1 hour of research before I purchased one for myself. I'm a graphic designer by trade (and a CMC) and this scanner is the greatest thing since sliced bread, in my opinion!

I scan everything at 600dpi, so I always know it will be good enough quality for enlarging. I love doing full-page photos here and there in my StoryBooks.

Thanks SO much for recommending this scanner. It's FABULOUS!

Julia Tavis