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Monday, June 6, 2011

Text wrapping

12x12 My Picture a day for 2011 text - Page 055


First make sure that in your elements panel your text box is BELOW the picture. 

Right click on photo and choose Text wrapping and then bounding box.   This puts the text very close to the photo and sometimes hard to read.  You can adjust the margins some by using the paragraph settings on Format Text ribbon.

My preferred way is to keep the text away from the photo and make it look a little neater.  You do this by adding a second photo box.  Fill it with color and put it behind the picture, adjust it so it is a little larger than the photo.  We will get rid of the color shortly.

To align the two photo boxes, select them both and go to the Arrange ribbon and select the two alignments that are circled in red.

To work with the back photo box:

  • Select the back photo of the two in the element panel
  • On the Cut & Fill ribbon select color fill. and change the color to any color, Then click OK
  • Go to the Format Ribbon and select Opacity, Slide the opacity all the way to zero and click Accept.
  • Right click on the back photo box and select Text wrapping and then Bounding Box.
  • Make the back photo box slightly larger than the front photo box, this will push the text away from the photo.


Leslie said...

Cathy, I just wanted you to know that there's an easier way to get your text-wrapped text to have space between it and the element. When you select your element, go to Properties, and then Text Wrapping. You'll see a pull down for Space Around Element (the default is none). You can then select the distance you want the text to be from your element with no hassle! :D

Cathie Owens said...

Leslie, you are soooooo smart, thank you for your fantastic and easy way to do text wrapping. Now I am off to make another instruction page. It is always wonderful to learn new things.
Thanks again

Leslie said...

My pleasure, Cathie! I was hesitant to comment at all, but I figured if you minded, you didn't have to post my comment. :)

Cathie Owens said...

Lelsie, I always like comments and feedback. Thanks again for your help. I have posted a new instruction page.