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Friday, September 18, 2009

Memory Manager 3.0 Webinar

Are you looking for help with Memory Manager 3.0. You have just come to the right place. Here are some fantastic webinars to help answer your questions.

Memory Manager
It all starts with organizing and editing your photos. Watch this webinar to see how easy it is to do more with your photos than you ever imagined.
Take a Virtual Tour of Memory Manager 3.0 - 4 minutes
Creating, Setting up and Renaming a Memory Vault in Memory Manager 3.0 - 20 minutes
Backup Options and Moving a Vault in Memory Manager 3.0 - 45 minutes
Memory Manager 3.0 Overview - 30 minutes

Memory Manager 3.0 Tour
Tour (WMV) 4:06 min.
Tour (PDF)

Setting User Options (WMV) 3:21 min.
Setting User Options (PDF)

Using Ribbons (WMV) 2:36 min.
Using Ribbons (PDF)

Creating a Memory Vault
Creating a Memory Vault (WMV) 8:14 min.
Creating a Memory Vault (PDF)

Getting Media
From a Camera (WMV) 1:15 min.
From a Camera (PDF)

From a File (WMV) 3:50 min.
From a File (PDF)

From a Phone (WMV) 2:25 min.
From a Phone (PDF)

From a Scanner (WMV) 1:41 min.
From a Scanner (PDF)Organizing

Sort Boxes (WMV) 2:16 min.
Sort Boxes (PDF)

Folders (WMV) 2:54 min.
Folders (PDF)

Simple Sorting (WMV) 2:07 min.
Simple Sorting (PDF)

Working with Time (WMV) 3:05 min.
Working with Time (PDF)

Creating an Album
Creating an Album (WMV) 6:53 min.
Creating an Album (PDF)

Protecting your Media
Protecting your Media (WMV) 3:54 min.
Protecting your Media (PDF)

Moving a Memory Vault (PDF)

Printing, Exporting and Sharing
Print (WMV) 4:00 minutes
Print (PDF)

PrintTrack (WMV) 45 seconds
Print Track (PDF)

Creating a Slideshow (WMV) 2:23 min.
Creating a Slide Show (PDF)

Sharing to StoryBook (WMV) 2:00 min.
Sharing to StoryBook (PDF)

File Export (WMV) 3:01 min.
File Export (PDF)

Email (WMV) 3:48 min.
Email (PDF)

CD/DVD (WMV) 2:53 min.

Editing and Enhancing
Cloning (WMV) 3:24 min.
Cloning (PDF)

Cropping Your Images (WMV) 1:15 min.
Cropping Your Images (PDF)

Rotating Your Images (WMV) 1:54 min
Rotating Your Images (PDF)

Selection Tool (WMV) 4:35 min.
Selection Tool (PDF)

Using the Image Assistant (WMV) 4:58 min.
Using the Image Assistant (PDF)


Sikeston, Missouri & SHS Class '62 said...

I think your tutorials are great but I didn't start by using them. My Vault is a mess and I need help on how to UNDO what I did wrong. I understand NOW how to properly organize my vault but I NEED HELP on how to UNDO WHAT'S WRONG.

I need to:

- Delete empty Sort Boxes that it says has something in them

- move folders to other Sort Boxes

- find things that have gone into infinity when I tried to move them

- have your help desk to answer the phone in less than 1 hour and 47 minutes.

I'm sure this will not go on the blog but I would appreciate a response to my needs. A program is only as good as it’s support for the program.

Cathie Owens said...

Hello Silkston,
I will try and be of assistance to you. Let me explain first that I am a consultant who loves Creative Memories products and love to share what I learn with others. It is always a joy to help and be of service. I am however not a CM tech person, but will try and answer your questions.

I have to agree with you that the help desk should answer your questions in a lot less time and 1 hour and 47 minutes it way too long for this service. I have had the same kinds of service with CM support and as a consltant have complained to the higher up people, that this needs to improve dramatically. As a consultant I can get on my CMC network and use their online support which works far better than the phone support. I will give you my phone number so we may visit and maybe I can be of assistance. 801-856-7332

In answer to your questions:
1. Delete empty Sort Boxes that it says has something in them. First double check and make sure there are no files in the sort box. Then you can right click and choose delete to remove the sort box.

2. move folders to other Sort Boxes. With MM 3.0 you are able to left click hold and drag any file to any folder. Please note that you can not place pictures in sort boxes only yellow folders.

3. find things that have gone into infinity when I tried to move them. This one has me stumped a bit. Have you tried to use the search vault function to find the photo that got lost in infinity? You can find that function in the Library ribbon. This will work if you know the file name.

Here is my email also so you can email me direct

Hope some of this will be of help to you. If not please feel free to contact me.

Sikeston, Missouri & SHS Class '62 said...

Thank you very much! I was frustrated when I wrote the post. I gave up at 1 hour and 47 minutes.

I will try your recommendations and call you with my retrieve issue. I really appreciate your response.

Margaret Harmon