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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Arrange Ribbon

The Arrange Ribbon has Alignment, Ordering, Grouping & Rotate.

  • Alignment is where you can alignment elements at one time.
  • Ordering, This orders your elements front to back.
  • Grouping, lets you group elements together for easy moving, you can also ungroup. If you use Flatten, and this can only be undone if you have not closed your book.
  • Rotate, lets you rotate elements of photos, horizontally and vertically.

Basically this group of tools is the same as it was in 2.0

Text on this page is done by typing the text first and then go to the Format Text ribbon and choose Layout. Choose your shape and the text will follow the shape.

Also used is the glow feature on the Format ribbon.

Don't you just love the new text wrapping feature in the top right corner!

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