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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Color Ribbon

Color Ribbon 3 - Page 019

The color ribbon helps you to adjust the color of a photo, paper or embellishment.  There is Convert & Color & light Sections.

Convert section - You can change your photo or item to Black & white or Sepia

Color & light - has a wide array of options

  • Adjust hue - this lets you adjust the color of everything
  • Color wash - will let you change the color of the photo
  • Brightness & light - adjust the highlights, mid tones, shadows, contrast & brightness
  • Color Balance - Adjust the color of your photo, play with this one you may be surprised
  • Temperature - make your image cooler or warmer.  This works great if you have too much red skin tones and want to tone it down.
  • Levels - With the little diamonds (circled in red) at the bottom of the curve. you want the left one to be at the start of the curve.  The right triangle at the end, use the middle triangle to adjust the mid-tones.  As you move the triangles, watch the photo and see what it does to change. 
  • Curves - Works somewhat like levels, only it has the line that you click on and adjust the different colors of your photo.

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